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So you have a website, but don’t have the time to maintain it? Who does… No worries, we put in the leg work for you, we are the solution! We are fast, efficient, and ready to make a difference today!

WE GET and keep you online… QUICKLY

At Social Slingshot we believe a poorly built or functioning website, is the equivalent of driving a junker across the country. Sure it should get you to point B, but at what hidden cost.


Do not settle for websites that function at or below par, just to save a buck. We are the middle ground. Our web packages are designed with all budgets in mind. We are the web techy dudes you’ve always wanted, and we design and create websites that captivate and convert your audience into reliable and happy customers!


So, whether it’s a little code to perk your viewers interest or a full redesign to show off a new look, we got you covered.

  • Services

  • Social Media IntegrationSocial Media Integration
  • Advanced On-Site Optimization Advanced On-Site Optimization
  • Theme Functionality Check Theme Functionality Check
  • Google Analytics Setup Google Analytics Setup
  • Plugins Setup Plugins Setup
  • XML SitemapXML Sitemap
  • Internal Link CheckInternal Link Check
  • Meta Tag / Descriptions Meta Tag / Descriptions
  • Veteran

  • 1 time

  • Social Media Integrationyes
  • Advanced On-Site Optimization yes
  • Theme Functionality Check yes
  • Google Analytics Setup yes
  • Plugins Setup yes
  • XML Sitemapyes
  • Internal Link Checkyes
  • Meta Tag / Descriptions yes
  • Starter

  • tune up

  • Social Media Integrationyes
  • Advanced On-Site Optimization yes
  • Theme Functionality Check no
  • Google Analytics Setup yes
  • Plugins Setup no
  • XML Sitemapno
  • Internal Link Checkno
  • Meta Tag / Descriptions yes

advanced Slingshot (ROAI) reporting

Slingshot ROAI (Return On Actual Investment)


Years’ worth of data and attribution analysis have left us with the most advance analytics software ever seen(patent pending). Seriously, this data is no joke and will literally impact your bottom line, guaranteed!


So what is Slingshot ROAI?


Simply put, it is an analysis of the lifetime revenue of ALL your campaigns including email, social medias, PPC, PPM, coupons, SMS in one monthly comprehensive report. The best part is….we tie directly into your sales which allows us to make decisions that directly influence your bottom line .


Ok. So?


So! So, what? Its 2016, and marketers have never before had the ability to make these types of detailed decisions based on attributions models like we can today! Its about time you benefit!


It’s simple, really. If your spending time and money on multiple campaigns you have to properly track which campaign makes the money and how the others tie into the picture. See the bottom line difference using Slingshot ROA!

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One of our packages in the table above did not match your needs?


Do you need a more customized solutions?


Give our a la carte package a try.


If what you are not looking for is not listed here, give us a shout and we will be more than happy to help you out.

  • SEO optimization

  • Internal Architecture Blueprint (XML Sitemap) Internal Architecture Blueprint (XML Sitemap)
  • Website Usability TipsWebsite Usability Tips
  • Coding Analysis Coding Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Tool Configuration Google Webmaster Tool Configuration
  • National and Local Directory Citations National and Local Directory Citations
  • Optimization of existing titles and meta tags*Optimization of existing titles and meta tags*
  • Optimization of existing On-Page structure*Optimization of existing On-Page structure*
  • Optimization of existing headers and descriptionsOptimization of existing headers and descriptions
  • Linking To Social Media Linking To Social Media

  • $1,500

    one time fee

  • Internal Architecture Blueprint (XML Sitemap) yes
  • Website Usability Tipsyes
  • Coding Analysis yes
  • Google Webmaster Tool Configuration yes
  • National and Local Directory Citations yes
  • Optimization of existing titles and meta tags*yes
  • Optimization of existing On-Page structure*yes
  • Optimization of existing headers and descriptionsyes
  • Linking To Social Media yes


Does your website ever feel like it’s more work than it’s worth?


Are you constantly having to update or add to it? Maybe you find yourself spending to much of your time playing tech dude, and not enough worrying about the things in your business that really matter.


It sounds like you need a solution, and I’m happy to say, we have one. Well, actually we are the solution… but you knew what I meant!


Give us a call and let our geeks do what they do best!

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  • 1 year 1 year
  • 6 month 6 month
  • 3 month 3 month
  • 1hr1hr
  • Starter

  • 2 hrs

    per month

  • 1 year $150
  • 6 month $165
  • 3 month $170
  • 1hr$90
  • Startup

  • 5 hrs

    per month

  • 1 year $375
  • 6 month $416
  • 3 month $425
  • 1hr$90
  • Enterprise

  • 5+ hrs

    per month

  • 1 year Quote
  • 6 month Quote
  • 3 month Quote
  • 1hr$90