Content is King


content marketing

Using content for advertising is similar to SEO because it uses inbound techniques and links to bring the customer to you.


The difference is simple, SEO focuses on building a two way street via links and content, but is effective because of quantity of qualified links. Content marketing is effective because of its high quality and its ability to create action by establishing a relationship with your audience.


If you publish relevant and engaging content people will notice, and you will become an industry authority regardless of rank meaning that in some instances this could less expensive alternative to SEO.


Doing it right requires staying active, and publishing a regular stream of high quality content. It can be hard to measure and its effectiveness varies, but it can be the determining factor for many customers since it proves that you know what you’re talking about, and provides a ‘real’ life experience.


Some examples on content marketing are: blogs, emails, infographics, white papers and e-books, fliers, video, podcast and social media! It’s a lot but we love to do it! Give us a call!

  • Content Marketing

  • SEO Article (1x)SEO Article (1x)
  • SEO Blogs (3x)SEO Blogs (3x)
  • SEO Blogs (6x) SEO Blogs (6x)
  • Press Release Press Release
  • Media Alert Media Alert
  • Custom Infographics Custom Infographics
  • E-books E-books
  • Save the Date DesignSave the Date Design
  • Event Invitations Design Event Invitations Design
  • Copywriting Copywriting
  • Press Release Press Release
  • Blog SyndicationBlog Syndication
  • Local Media PitchingLocal Media Pitching
  • Local Media Alert Local Media Alert
  • Influencer Alerts Influencer Alerts
  • Newsletters Newsletters
  • Print Management Print Management
  • Collateral Design Collateral Design
  • Print Design Print Design
  • Banner Image Banner Image
  • Social Media AD Social Media AD
  • Simple Branded Image(s)Simple Branded Image(s)
  • content specification

  • SEO Article (1x)500 words
  • SEO Blogs (3x)500 words
  • SEO Blogs (6x) 500 words
  • Press Release Newsworthy? Yes! We will write about it (1x)
  • Media Alert WHO HOW WHEN WHY WHERE (1x)
  • Custom Infographics Customized explaination inforgraphic of your business (1x)
  • E-books Build your email list and leads with an Ebook (1x)
  • Save the Date DesignThrowing a party or having an event you'll need us! (1x)
  • Event Invitations Design The right invitations set the tone for your party make sure its right! (1x)
  • Copywriting We will write scripts and copy aimed to sell, influence or inform
  • Press Release Publish your article on local, regional and national medias
  • Blog SyndicationWe reach out the the influencers who control your market
  • Local Media Pitching5 pitchs include (initial pitch, emails, 1x follow up; unlimited responses)
  • Local Media Alert Alert media of event, story or your business 1 time; 5 channels
  • Influencer Alerts Reaching out to your industries influencers for support (10x)
  • Newsletters We will help you set up and send your newsletters
  • Print Management We will manage the printing of your goodies
  • Collateral Design We will put your design, phrase or logo on virtually anything
  • Print Design We will design collateral specifically for print
  • Banner Image Facebook Banner (1x) or (2)
  • Social Media AD Social Media Ad's
  • Simple Branded Image(s)Your name, logo, qoute on a high quality image (3x)
  • pricing per service

  • SEO Article (1x)$70
  • SEO Blogs (3x)$200
  • SEO Blogs (6x) $320
  • Press Release $450
  • Media Alert $350
  • Custom Infographics By Quote
  • E-books By Quote
  • Save the Date Design$250
  • Event Invitations Design $250
  • Copywriting .09/Word - .07/Word tier based on total #
  • Press Release 35%
  • Blog Syndication$500
  • Local Media Pitching$1000
  • Local Media Alert $500
  • Influencer Alerts $750
  • Newsletters By Quote
  • Print Management $25/hr
  • Collateral Design $60/hr
  • Print Design $60/hr
  • Banner Image $70 (1) / $100 (2)
  • Social Media AD $15 (1) / $60 (5)
  • Simple Branded Image(s)$30 (3)

advanced Slingshot (ROAI) reporting

Slingshot ROAI (Return On Actual Investment)


Years’ worth of data and attribution analysis have left us with the most advance analytics software ever seen(patent pending). Seriously, this data is no joke and will literally impact your bottom line, guaranteed!


So what is Slingshot ROAI?


Simply put, it is an analysis of the lifetime revenue of ALL your campaigns including email, social medias, PPC, PPM, coupons, SMS in one monthly comprehensive report. The best part is….we tie directly into your sales which allows us to make decisions that directly influence your bottom line .


Ok. So?


So! So, what? Its 2016, and marketers have never before had the ability to make these types of detailed decisions based on attributions models like we can today! Its about time you benefit!


It’s simple, really. If your spending time and money on multiple campaigns you have to properly track which campaign makes the money and how the others tie into the picture. See the bottom line difference using Slingshot ROA!


Content marketing with us is a project to project thing.


We are eager to please and will always do our due diligences to make sure that we are on point before you see our work. However, everyone has a little editor in them that tends to think of a million and 1 new ways of saying something once they have a deliverable in front of them. We respect that by allowing changes to a reasonable extent.


We are in this together and agree your materials need to capture your voice, so help us out when needed but please be fair and do not take advantage of our lineate policies on copy!


We ask that you pay half down for all projects which is nonrefundable and the other half upon satisfaction. We will make modifications under 100 words for copy issues, otherwise we charge an additional .20c/word. If there is issue other than copy we will allow 2 modifications.