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Advertising with the right video and call to action will make a difference in the way you do business— guaranteed!


Seriously, the internet is full of users with short attention spans just waiting for someone or something to spoon feed them the information they want without having to search for it. Convert dull, mind-numbed on-lookers into buyers instantly, by explaining exactly what it is they need to hear by simply displaying what it is they need to see.


All our videos are simple, creative, and straight forward, and are designed around a single call to action, so that buyers have a clear, stress-free path to converting to your business. A video by itself is powerful, but building a campaign around your video is dynamite, and that’s what we will offer to do, every time, because we know it will work.


Note: buying from Social Slingshot supports U.S. artist. Never be intimidated by price, this is art!! Art that sells! We promise we have a video solution for you in the price range you need, so give us a call!

  • (Live Action Filming) by Quote
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  • Top TierTop Tier
  • Upper TierUpper Tier
  • Middle TierMiddle Tier
  • Lower TierLower Tier
  • 3D/VR3D/VR
  • ExplainerExplainer
  • Motion GraphicsMotion Graphics
  • Basic TierBasic Tier
  • Animations

  • description

  • Top TierUp to 5 unique characters, polished style, best quality animation, unlimited painterly backgrounds, speaking characters, “money” shots, original music & sound
  • Upper TierUp to 3 unique characters, polished style, expressive animation, unlimited backgrounds, speaking characters, original music & sound
  • Middle Tier1-2 unique characters, clean style, expressive animation, up to 3 simple backgrounds, speaking characters, stock music & sound
  • Lower Tier1-2 unique characters, “sketchy” style, limited animation, up to 4 sketchy backgrounds, speaking characters, stock music & sound
  • 3D/VRMix of 2D and 3D assets in 3D space, animated objects & scenes, VR export (optional), brand integration, stock music and sound
  • Explainer1 original character, clean or sketchy style, limited animation, motion graphics & visuals explaining product in detail, simple backgrounds, narrator voice over, stock music & sound
  • Motion GraphicsAnimated onscreen text and/or images, limited non-continuous character animation, basic backgrounds, simple texturing & effects, narrator voice over, stock music & sound
  • Basic TierLimited movement using provided assets, limited text animation, general timing can be matched to provided voice over, single-color backgrounds, stock music
  • Sample

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  • Top Tier
  • Upper Tier
  • Middle Tier
  • Lower Tier
  • 3D/VR
  • Explainer
  • Motion Graphics
  • Basic Tier
  • (Live Action Filming) by Quote
  • choose your plan

  • Infographic Video Infographic Video
  • RSA Whiteboard RSA Whiteboard
  • Cut Out Animation Cut Out Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation Whiteboard Animation
  • Story Board & Explainer Animations

  • description

  • Infographic Video Animated onscreen text and infographic images.
  • RSA Whiteboard Hand drawn story board
  • Cut Out Animation Animated Cut Out Animations
  • Whiteboard Animation Hand Drawn Animations
  • Script
  • Voice Overs
  • Color
  • Movement
  • TV Advert & Broadcasting License
  • Sample

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  • Infographic Video
  • RSA Whiteboard
  • Cut Out Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • $150/min
  • $150/min
  • $100/min
  • $200/min
  • $750
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  • Live Action Videography Live Action Videography
  • Video/Photo Editing Video/Photo Editing
  • Photography Photography
  • bundle deal

  • cost

  • Live Action Videography Starting at $500 a session
  • Video/Photo Editing $45/hr
  • Photography $45/hr

We love input, design ideas, expectations and required materials BEFORE a project begins. Yes, this may seem obvious, but trust us there is a hidden designer in all of us that likes to come out after a project starts, so please try and gather your thoughts before we send our videographers and animators out!


Once the first round of work is completed we allow 2 rounds of reasonable modifications to script, color, some actions, and small details. If you need a new character, background, storyline or new concept this is fine, we just have to charge you twice, which we are sure you’d say is not. We will spend significant time developing samples for you as well to make sure the animations hit the mark!