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So, you need marketing materials that stay true to your brand, all-while being SO visually appealing that your customers are compelled to take action?
O, umm, well… we can do that!


The importance of reflecting your brand and culture through marketing materials, logos, and video cannot be stressed enough. Your brand has to be has to be consistent, easily to recall and create action, which is what our senior level graphic designers are all about!

about the service

We work with a team of in-house Photoshop wizards, there magic is strong, but we have managed to harness it to bring you the work that can only be generated by creative genius.


We love our team and know you will too! Please give them a chance to prove to you that they can nail your project every time.

  • Graphic Design Retainer

  • Hours Per MonthHours Per Month
  • option 1

  • $180

    1 year

  • Hours Per Month3 hrs
  • option 2

  • $300

    1 year

  • Hours Per Month5 hrs
  • option 3

  • $550

    1 year

  • Hours Per Month10 hrs
  • option 4

  • $QUOTE

    1 year

  • Hours Per Monthyou call the shotcustom
  • choose your service

  • Videography Videography
  • Photography Photography
  • Video/Photo Editing Video/Photo Editing
  • Collateral Design Collateral Design
  • Email Signature Design Email Signature Design
  • Graphic DesignGraphic Design
  • Business Card Design Business Card Design
  • LetterheadsLetterheads
  • Infographic Infographic
  • Brochure Brochure
  • Stock Photo Management Stock Photo Management
  • Flier Flier
  • Print Management Print Management
  • Collateral Design Collateral Design
  • Banner Image Banner Image
  • Facebook AD Facebook AD
  • Simple Branded Image Simple Branded Image
  • 1 logo 1 logo
  • 3 logos3 logos
  • 6 logos6 logos
  • 9 logos9 logos
  • 12 logos12 logos
  • unlimited designsunlimited designs
  • special notes

  • description

  • Videography We will shoot and manage a live action film for you
  • Photography Let our professional Photographers do what they do best!
  • Video/Photo Editing Let our professional Photoshop wizards work their magic
  • Collateral Design You pick the goods and we deliever (Give-a-way items)
  • Email Signature Design Lets make you look professional
  • Graphic DesignOur Artist are fast efficient and usually take less than an hour
  • Business Card Design We have packages, but if you want an unlimited option/edits here you go!
  • LetterheadsLets make you look professional
  • Infographic A great way of standing out with engaging content
  • Brochure If you have a service that needs explaining this is for you!
  • Stock Photo Management Let us pic the photo's and manage the delievery.
  • Flier Simple flier great for anything!
  • Print Management Manage the Printing Process / Purchase
  • Collateral Design We will manage the delievery of your goodies!
  • Banner Image (2x) FB banner Image
  • Facebook AD (1) FB ad designed to draw attention to a campaign or service
  • Simple Branded Image (3x) images with a logo or simple text
  • LOGO
  • 1 logo Great for a blog, or personal Portfolio
  • 3 logosLogo Starter package
  • 6 logosSMB Logo package
  • 9 logosPro package
  • 12 logosEnterprise Package
  • unlimited designsCustom Logo Designs No limits
  • pricing

  • $

  • Videography $150/hr
  • Photography $45/hr
  • Video/Photo Editing $95/hr
  • Collateral Design $60/hr
  • Email Signature Design $75
  • Graphic Design$70/hr
  • Business Card Design $70/hr
  • Letterheads$70/per Letterhead
  • Infographic By Quote
  • Brochure (2) $300 / (3) $400
  • Stock Photo Management $25/hr
  • Flier $200
  • Print Management $25/hr
  • Collateral Design $25/hr
  • Banner Image $100
  • Facebook AD (1) $50 / (5) $200
  • Simple Branded Image $30
  • LOGO
  • 1 logo $75
  • 3 logos$200
  • 6 logos$350
  • 9 logos$425
  • 12 logos$500
  • unlimited designs$70/hr

We love input, design ideas, expectations and required materials BEFORE a project begins. Yes, this may seem obvious, but trust us there is a hidden designer in all of us that likes to come out after a project starts, so please try and gather your thoughts before we send our Photoshop wizards off!


Once work is returned by the wizards we allow 2-3 rounds of reasonable modifications depending on your project, but we will hear you out no matter what, and always do our best to please!