Stack the Deck with Slingshot ROAI

Advanced Slingshot (ROAI) Reporting

Slingshot ROAI (Return On Actual Investment)

Traditional ROI and impression based reports just don’t pay the bills…


Our advanced reports do. We measure the impact of each of your campaigns (Everything you put money into) and show you which campaign creates action, where they do, and with who. Eventually, we can even tell you why. Basically our reports give us the ability to understand your audience like no one else can.


What’s the secret?

Slingshot ROAI shows you the whole picture allowing you to make smarter more profitable decisions.


Most reports are fairly basic and common, in fact, I bet you or your team is using them right now! These basic reports help marketers track conversions, optimize funnels and do lots of other great things, (we offer basic reports with most plans) but they do not and never have given you the full picture of your marketing decisions leaving you to make ‘educated’ guesses on how you spend your budget.



WE LOVE DATA, and this is some real hard-core D@T@! Seriously, we are analytic geeks. The strategies and software we use to bring you these reports is revolutionary and designed specifically for 2016 updates.


As mentioned determining which marketing platforms convert and which ones don’t is a basic job for basic reports. Unfortunately, for you (and until now) this is the standard because the data can be presented as overwhelmingly positive, simple, and makes your agencies or marketing departments life a whole lot easier.


Stop the ‘YES’ man reports, and truly optimize your marketing campaigns with hard working solutions.


We flip traditional reports on their head to give you Slingshot ROAI.  We do it because we are perfectionist and this data allows us to make smarter faster decisions ultimately providing you with a better more predictable bottom line…. GARUNTEED!


It’s simple, really. If your spending time and money on multiple campaigns you have to properly track which campaign makes the money and how the others tie into the picture.


With Slingshot ROAI we can assess the ACTUAL cost of doing business with a customer which allows us to make smarter decisions in the future. Our reports follow your customer’s from the first time they see you to the moment they buy and track every conversion and interaction along the way. With this type of exceptional reporting, you will provide a truly remarkable and rememberable experience often to every customer, and this is simply what will make you better and increase your bottom line!


We make marketing decisions that others simply can’t. Join us, and take all the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns today!